Twas the day

I downed 3 glasses of champagne. Courage, courage was what I needed to con him to take a picture with me with that giant "Trust me I am a Doctor" badge.

I started to feel out of body experience. When I finally thought I could do it, I scanned the room. No more. He was gone. Cis!

Then, it was the night stint. Part V Disco at the SU Bar. The moment I stepped into the bar, I could feel my ears exploding. I kept complaining that it was so noisy.

"Clubbing is this noisy ah?" I asked Minnie.

You see - I am not a fan of clubbing and I cannot take this loud and crazy atmosphere. But it was my last ever time for a disco and time out. I just wanted to enjoy it.

I am so glad I went because I met many people - friends, former friends and firm mates. One firm mate of mine who intercalated this year recognised me. At first, it was just a polite smile. Then the second time we bumped into each other, he actually called me by my name.

"Lynn, all good?"

I was pleasantly surprised he even remembered me.

Then there were other friends whom we met. It was a good 'reunion' sort of thing.

And to take you back to what happened.....

In 2001, I decided to pursue a dream to do medicine. About five years later, I finally entered medical school. I always find it a joy and privilege to study God's creation - the human body. I just detested exams because the pressure was tremendous and you're surrounded by all the students who had done so well in their schools - not to mention, the fear of failing was evident.

My journey was not without any glitches. I was almost clinically depressed at one point (blame the hormones). It has been a long, long six years of medical school. I was so drained out during my penultimate year. I thought it was borderline traumatising to endure exams every year. Ironically, final year turned out a case of passion rekindled.

I cannot even begin to describe.

At this point, if you ask me, I really am excited to embark on this journey! A very tiring one.. but....


jazz said…
Congrats again. =)
Yes, clubbing is that noisy. You can hardly hear each other.
Lol, I don't get to go clubbing anymore. No clubs already. =P
LX said…
Thanks! I never even been clubbing and not interested at all to even try. Disco was alright tho.. I had my share of entertainment.

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