This begins to sound detrimental.

I have been sleeping past midnight and waking up 6-ish am everyday since Monday. I have been on site every full day for three days and been to the gym for the 6.30pm spin sessions everyday since Monday that my body is about to shut down soon.

Funny it seems - it has only be three days and I am already about to melt in the summertime's heat.

That, or the body is telling me it is crumbling down. It is just three very hardcore spins. Three days in OTs cannulating, ventilating and intubating people - yet I failed plenty today, much to my despair. I had mistakes (not turning the oxygen when I was applying the mask on the patient O_o!!) and couldn't intubate during the rapid sequence induction.


However, I had some interesting tales to tell from knowing this anaesthetist who is a tennis fan, too. I shall, may I, reserve this story for my own circle of friends. Those are not for me to announce out loud in such a public space.

Today, I feel a little not right about myself. I could not pin point - I had a mild sorethroat, to which I drank some herbal tea and took strepsils. I came back feeling so warm - my room is boiling, and it is not helping at all.

It is 10pm now and my brain is officially fried.

I cannot win both ways, can I?


Lawrence said…
hellooo, is it your hope and love really don't work anymore? The site down huh
LX said…
Yeaps. It's dead for a long, long time..
Paul Smith said…
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