It is no coincidence that the title of the post has to start with another 'D' (note the previous one - Detrimental).

Following the claim that my body was at the verge of collapsing, I actually started to get a bad nasal congestion and mild sorethroat since. I blamed the weather, calling it hayfever. However, deep down inside I know I have overworked. And my body surrenders.

Dazed now - dazed, because I just woke up from a four-hour nap. Which really, does not even qualify to be called a 'nap'. I now begin to suspect if I had mistakenly taken a sedative anti-histamine. It is now 8pm and I still not quite myself.

I have my whole room to pack. A 2k word elective report to write. Tons of things to throw away. May is ending, but it feels like I have yet to do anything useful.

This weekend would be the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend celebration. Avoid the crowd? Stay home and miss the historic weekend?


Paul Smith said…
The history weekend celebration simply should not missed out even if you are trying to avoid the crowd and staying home! Just click here to apply, and we won't let you down!

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