312903802 things to do!

Ironic it is indeed.

Post result days proved to be even more challenging than anything else. There seems to be 312903802 things to do - and I am just playing catching up, day in, day out.

And Minnie and I tried Nordic Bar last night!

A poor attempt to starve. We shared this between both of us - in the name of 'dinner'.

I came home and just before bed, I opened a can of worms.. and the gist of it is not something I am surprised or shocked to know. I've known all along, we just never talked about it.

This is a big topic that we can go into in great length. I have thought of pursuing you before, but something holds me back...

You just didn't want someone badly enough.

You're right. I didn't know what exactly I want..


Sylvia Kang said…
That plate of dinner looks nice. But...WHAT?! You shared that plate, that small portion? WHOA. Such will power to eat less. *Salute*
But you really shouldn't starve yourself.Should be happy post exam and result! :)
LX said…
Yes, the four little portions between two of us. It was alright tho.. 'cos we ate late lunch. Hahahah..

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