Pumped and shattered

I have been troubled by my waking up times these days. I tried all measures - sleeping early, Party Rock Anthem alarm - but to no avail. I easily need to sleep 9+ hours a day only to wake up with a dull ache in my head. Today has been better - hence the writing here. I need to continue to strive to wake up earlier each day! Exam reporting time is as early as 0830 so there isn't any room to fool around!

That aside, my entire body is almost shattered. I finally made the brave move to try Body Pump yesterday - after having contemplated for months! It was a huge mistake. Well, almost. Firstly, my cerebellar function just seems too primitive that I cannot for my life translate any visuospatial perceptions into my own action. In simpler terms - I cannot imitate the instructor! My technique is ZERO and it was not only embarrassing, it was potentially dangerous if you do not do it properly.

The Pump was followed by Combat - which I attended back-to-back. I could feel tremors all throughout Combat! After the two hours, I concluded to myself - starving is perhaps easier. I used to get all hungry and want to binge eat after working out. Been to pubs and all that post gym. However, these days, I have been feeling the opposite. I just cannot seem to bring myself to eat after classes. I am not sure if it was the lack of hunger, the measure of guilt or simply the appetite being suppressed by the all aching body.

So, I didn't eat anything after my two hours last night. Not even strawberries. 

At the end of the day, I still cannot fit into clothes which were loose on me just months ago. How silly. My youngest sister always has this comment about me - she has seen me working out almost her entire life, yet she has never seen me actually losing any weight. Hah hahaa.. "do so much, still the same!"


Sylvia Kang said…
Ooh, I love Body PUMP! U just gotta keep doing it & u'll get used to it. Start with lighter weights, and mostly, stick to light ones coz u're not aiming to be bulky.
Don't starve, Dear. U gotta eat more meals (but healthier and smaller ones) throughout the day to keep your metabolism up. Try to keep your intervals (between each meal/snack) about 3 and half to 4 hours. N drink plenty of water. Try Green tea:)
LX said…
I used the lightest weights d!! Hahaha..

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