The eve of big F

16 April. The eve of the big F. The stretch of 14 (or is it 15? I can't count days) days of 'torture' before the final one day in May where we would find out about our fate - Barbican or no Barbican?

I dread it.

I think this 14 days is more of a psychological torture for a simple-minded me. I stick to my very bad habit, the 'ritual' I have - plenty of rest, chilled time and almost minimal studying during exam time. When I was younger, exam times were the times when I start following the TVB dramas on Wah Lai Toi channel. They were quite strategic because after exams, I continue watching the series into holiday period. However, during schooling days, there wasn't such thing as "pass or fail". You would progress no matter what. It was whether you could defend that position you have in class. Moreover, somehow, I was much more prepared. I did my homework - the volume was manageable and never massive.

Undergrad is a whole different world. It is called tertiary education for a reason. Medicine, on its own, is voluminous. Dr CJK once said that medicine is just so much - the volume is incredible. It is not about the difficulty, it is more about the amount you have to learn. Don't give up if you don't make it the first time. I shudder at the very thought. I don't want not to make it. The amount of things we have to understand and remember is so vast. My already crippling brain capacity has been sporadic and sometimes fail in retrieving information stored. I slacked for a major bit of my undergrad years. I regret not being more responsible in that sense.

Having said that, I am near the end.. it is unbelievable, but will I survive?

In my Lord, I trust.


Christine Wong said…
You will survive! all the best, will keep you in my prayers! :D
Christine Wong said…
You will survive! all the best, will keep you in my prayers! :D
Lynna said…
Jiayou erps!!
Sylvia Kang said…
All the best! You can do it! Believe in yourself and if you have done your best for your part, leave the rest to the Lord.
I will see you by August!;)

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