We choose to ignore

Or, do we?

I missed one text message earlier (phone thrown on the super comfy duvet). I almost missed the second one but I heard the faintest 'click' - my text message alert tone.

I frowned. I don't usually get text messages on the mobile.

I reached for the phone and frowned again. Why is it that the moment I declare you are out of my system, you resurface again in my realms? I shrugged to myself. Ah, no big deal. Typical, predictable and almost no sincerity at all.

I did not even bother to reply. I knew the other party would not expect a reply and truthfully, I really cannot be bothered to be affected that much anymore. I threw the phone back to the bed.

It is over, I told myself. It probably never started, anyway... lol.

Which reminded me - I finished (yet!) another book on my Kindle. It is the most random book called "Choose. Love." I recently discovered this highlighting tool on the device and had since been highlighting various quotes which I thought was worth keeping. These were some of them -

..for the first time, I learned what it’s like to love someone unconditionally (someone who isn’t my family; someone who is far from perfect; someone who could and has hurt me multiple times.)

Our unbalanced and misfit relationship unraveled because he knew how I felt about him and he didn’t try to protect my heart—he took advantage of my affection and used me because he knew that I would do anything for him. That’s not love at all.

I began to realize that all the things I would do for him, he would not do them for me. It wasn’t just that I knew we were never going to be a couple, I just became aware that I was giving more than I would ever receive. I felt as though he took me for granted. I tried to talk to him about it, because I needed to get it off my chest and thought our friendship called for such honesty, but he wouldn’t listen—he didn’t hear me—and that was the heart of the problem.


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