That sweet thing

If you know me, you would know I hardly crave (nor have a preference) for sweet things.

Today, I have this curious craving towards a sweet dessert. Cake, ice-cream or something calorie-laden.

I walked past the dessert aisle in Sainsbury twice. Maybe even three times - and I came out without the sweet thing. Somehow, I just could not bring myself to buying a dessert.

I just find that this random craving is curiously strange. I have never been a huge fan of all these sweet things - they contribute to the calorie count without the full satisfaction, if you know what I mean. Do not get me wrong - I am not against them. I just would not pick a sweet thing over having a proper meal which means protein ie fish/meat. I appreciate good desserts; just that I can't afford to have these indulgences in my life since I am already overweight without having them as part of my routine diet.

Still, to have this intense craving today has remained a mystery to me.

Just what is wrong with me?


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