Spin to win

If I thought yesterday's Body Combat was causing my muscles to ache - you must see me today. It was a noon time spinning class that I decided to try.

The timetable stated 45 minutes. I thought aha, maybe not that bad.

I was so, so wrong. Don't get me wrong - the class was amazing - it was my poor fitness level which could not match to the intensity. We had the upper body workout using weights while cycling. Imagine cycling combined with combat's punch, uppercuts or elbows. Whoah!

And if that is not all, after the 45 minutes, the instructor said we were free to join him for abs workout. I thought, okay why not.. since almost everyone grabbed a mat. 

You would think it was the typical abs workout - the one we do on Track 9 for Body Combat. SO WRONG. This is the craziest I've done so far. It felt like a boot camp! Alright, maybe I am exaggerating it but it was really, really intense. After every routine, the instructor said, "well done" and I thought it was all over. Then he continued...

"Next, we're going to do this.."

I would groan under my breath. Oh my. It was crazy. Absolutely crazy. Full 15 minutes and I felt like I could just drop dead.

Spinning can't be more fun, I must say. It is hell of a workout. I hope I could walk tomorrow!


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