Rough play

Body Combat. I first tried it some 6 months or so ago. It is a cardio fitness workout - usually 8 working tracks and 2 warming down tracks. This sort of cardio workout gives you that adrenaline rush. I absolutely loved it, albeit the harder truth that I probably looked awfully awkward doing those punches, kicks and lunges. But I still loved it. I loved it so much I dragged Jasper along once and he nearly died after the session. That was one of the last times we hung out together, sadly.

And then, I stopped. I stopped because I was placed nearer to Thorpe Park then I was to my favourite Leisure Centre.

I started to balloon up. Weight gained like no one's business. Fitness plummeted even more than POG stocks.

It was last month when the very friend who introduced me to Body Combat recommended me a Groupon deal for 10 Fitness First passes. I was reluctant at first, but I thought it would have to take more forcing myself to come back to the habit I have missed out.

Not to mention - I needed the endorphins real badly.

I bought the deal and had attended 4 Body Combat classes so far. I am far from the fitness level I had 6 months ago (I could do running man without effort). I could feel myself carrying the spare tyre around my waist worse than a 7-month pregnancy. I am in a mess in terms of fitness and health.. but I am trying, am I not?

I love Combat. It is all horrid looking at myself in the mirror - but I loved it.. makes me a fighter, almost.


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