The London egg hunt

Spontaneity is one of the things I enjoy. I selective choose or dis-choose things - isn't that what we do everyday? We are bias to our very core. Every single decision we make is selective. I prefer one thing to another - and I make excuse for something which I could have easily un-excuse myself for. I think this is the very reason why we are called fallen beings.

Anyway - my point really is, I had an impromptu quick egg hunt with the Daisy duck last weekend. It was good church service in the morning (another one that left me thinking about my priorities, if you want me to be perfectly honest). Whilst church service ended 1100am, most restaurants were not open until 12 noon. Some Sunday restriction opening hours thingy which I never really bothered to look up because my simple mind concluded that the opening time restriction is to protect church services.

Daisy wasn't keen on lunch so I told her I would accompany her to Chinatown anyway. On our way there, we bumped into our first 'egg' on Carnaby Street - the postbox egg! It was so cute that we started to be impromptu and found another two eggs around the corner.

We continued looking for eggs as we walked past SoHo - but none was found. Knowing that chinatown probably would not have eggs as well, we decided to make our way towards Covent Garden because I knew of this uhu egg right outside my favourite Tesco.

Before we knew it, we ended up around Charing Cross, Trafalgar Square and the rest of Covent Garden for some more impromptu hunt. We did not find many but it was quite fun and by the end of the hunt, I was squealing at every egg we discovered.

Happy days! Finals are lurking so nearby, but I think an hour out of the manic, stressful environment served some good to me.


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