I said I'd go back

I rarely talk to my mum when I am away from home. Blame it on the time difference.. our most meaningful way of communication tend to be receiving and sending requests for her Farmville.

Mummy on a real farm, handing a rambutan to dunno-who

And yes - she plays Farmville and I don't. The mere existence of my farm is just to supply her with whatever things she needs for her populous farms.

Just now, we spoke for a good half an hour on the phone. Thank God for VoIPs, the phone call was literally free. We debated from the escalating living cost back home to my 'fussiness' when it comes to men. We usually have differing opinions - however, when we managed to come up with a conclusion - my (future, and I must insist - very near future) profession makes it rather difficult to find a spouse. Not only it is a demanding career, it is also an intimidating one, at least to the eyes of the society.

Of course, that was not all we discussed. It would sound like a desperate conversation, no? We talked about things that happened 20 years ago or so.. the childhood stories to remind ourselves why we turned out the way we turn out to be. Also, making up theories along the way.

It just somehow always ending up with the partner issue - something we strangely never discussed until one or two years ago. We never talked about boy-girl relationships.. at least not explicitly. The first time must had been few years ago when I told my mum I really liked him and I said I was pretty sure this time. It turned out to my nightmare of my life three years down the line..

Sigh. I will worry about this matter the very day I get conferred my MBBS (London).


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