How can we know for sure?

I think I have reached a point in my life when I am just unsure about this whole deal with relationships. I know - they say relationships are complicated. I see people get together, break up, get together again.. and of late, more engagements and weddings start to decorate the facebook pages.

Where am I? I sometimes scare myself by the magnitude I would go for someone I care. It scares me because I never thought of myself this way. But my mum would then tell me - why do you want to keep waiting for someone who clearly shows no interest in you?

She is right. She advocates this idea of moving on. And she makes it sound so simply. 

So what? He doesn't want you.. you cannot force it. Look for another lah. 

One would wish it was as easy as that. 

How about those people who have been together for 10 years and then break up? 

You don't know what are the stories behind their relationships.. no judging!

Oh well. Perhaps I am just glad I had never been in one. 


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