I got a Kindle not long ago. It wasn't a brand new item but as good as new - preloaded with books. Alright - it was not perfect. There was a scratch on the screen but that was my fault - I flung it off someone's hands once. Could you blame the Kindle or the giver? Of course not!

Excited with this new gadget (mind you, Lynn would never pay GBP111 for this toy!), I bought a new cover for it. Being the most cheapskate person (to myself) on earth, I randomly got a red one with a felt-ish inner lining. I housed the Kindle in there for weeks while I was busy going around like a lunatic preparing for my penultimate year exams.

After my exams, when a couple of friends were over at mine drinking cider, I showed off the Kindle (because one of them mentioned that you could go on Facebook on Kindle!). We took it out and lo' and behold - I found the back all stained with the felt-ish material from the lining. I was devastated. I attempted cleaning with wet wipes, dry wipes and whatever you could think of - I was crushed. The stained would not go. The excessive cleaning made matters worse. My Kindle is now permanently damaged. I was so disappointed and blamed myself for buying a cheapo material to house it. I felt so uneasy because the original owner must be thinking what an ungrateful and reckless person I am. I probably am one. I could not undo the damage I have done. Every time, I take out the Kindle, I would feel in such distraught. Not only the scratch on the screen reminded me of how I tossed the Kindle off in such trajectory which probably would have worked perfect on an Angry Bird game, but the back and sides have such vandalised demeanor to it that I feel ashamed. Didn't help when I see other people on the tube holding their Kindles which are in good shape. My bad shaped one is just awful.

I know I do not deserve to be forgiven over such irresponsibility.


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