Something borrowed

Watched this chick flick at the Empire cinemas in Leceister Square (whhheeeee! I can tell people I go to the movies at Leceister Square!) today.

This movie made me think that some guys are just too coward. The main character, Rachel is someone who has obviously been fancying her coursemate Dex since law school. But being a girl like all decent girls, she never made the first move. Her best friend Darcy ended up making advances towards Dex and they ended up together.

Where does this leave Rachel? She has to painfully be happy for her best friend and the guy she loves for many years. It is silly because when she accidentally slept with him on the night of her 30th birthday, she started having this so-called 'affair' with him. He still didn't confront his then fiance Darcy, and did nothing about it. Rachel kept giving in.. being strung along, waiting for him to act, knowing he won't.

How pathetic.

I was discussing with my bestie about the movie after we watched it. She said somehow they would get together but just after 32910382190 complications in between, because they mutually liked each other. I felt sad because mutuality never existed in my world. And I still like to pretend I have been almost like Rachel. Or at least I believe I had. Oh well.

Have you ever gone down a road, far down and wondered, maybe it wasn't what you want?


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