A touch of reality

I was at work 9 hours today! It has been very tiring but the satisfaction you get when you are able to execute things to help relieve pain and anxieties outweighs whichever fatigue syndrome you may attempt to name yourself next! It makes me wonder, really, why work?

Of course, the primary thing is that we need to all learn a decent living.
While I am hoping that I would be able to say, earn enough to get myself a car to drive. I don't need an ultra fancy car, perhaps a Honda Civic would even do me some justice!

Of course, there is then the worries of maintaining a car. They say having a car is no longer considered an asset. It is more of a liability! I may not have to worry if there is a reliable service such as Los Angeles auto repair. Whether it is a bumper or a head gasket, I would have to bear all responsibilities on the 'liability' of mine!


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