10 years later

It must have been more than 10 years. Remember those mIRC days when everyone used to chat randomly on chatrooms? I forgot what server it was, but I remember going on channels such as #ironic. Chatting with partially complete strangers were quite fascinating.

So I met this chat friend. Things were always more interesting if you have some common friends. At least you know that he/she isn't a total complete stranger who may turn out to be some psycho. Anyway, so I was chatting with this guy C. I found out he knew my (infamous) friend in the town I formerly resided in. I also learnt that he was was many years my senior but studied in the same primary school where I came from. In fact, he was the first person I knew personally who got the PSD scholarship. During those days, it was rare to get PSD scholarships.

Anyway --

Of course, mIRC and ICQ soon became extinct and we stopped keeping in touch as internet pals.

This morning, my friend told me that one of our friends' sister just got married so the curious me went to see the photo album. I saw at least 20 photos until suddenly I looked down and saw the name..

Omg omg omg. I know this guy, I exclaimed! A moment of enlightenment!!

Don't you think this world is really small after all?


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