Le reality and such

Been thinking a lot about life. Is it worth suppressing your feelings and emotions as a way to cope with disappointments and hurts?

Some say, you've got to chase after your own love.

Some say, work hard. Love. Love.

Yet others may say that you have the right to show that you love.

I am confused. I believe I have been trying to suppress. I've been living in denial altogether. I haven't been myself altogether. I give myself 39103829021830 reasons to not love. I convince myself that I should not even attempt. I told myself I was confused. I conned myself into believing that I am insane. Not mentality sound.

At the end of the day, I am just in pure denial. But the Consultant I had for Palliative Care told us.. we all live in a degree of denial.. it is just the way you cope with things. The only time when denial brings problem is when it blocks our functioning.

'Til then..


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