CKT ver 2.0

I bought 7 bulbs of garlic and hopped on the tube to Leceister Square. Coming out from the tube station, I thought I should cross the road. Then, my eyes caught the sign board pointing to Covent Garden.

My mind went to a whirlwind. Where is Chinatown??

When I was still thinking, someone knocked the umbrella into my back. Adui. Cho loh-nya, I muttered under breath. The natural reflex was to turn around and then the umbrella knocked me from another side again.

I turned. Cheh.

"Ehhh? What a coincidence!"

"You arr.. like a headless chicken!"

Chicken. My biggest phobia yet he used to always call me that. Him. That old last time him.

"Sorry lah, I was guessing how to get to Chinatown.." almost blushing from embarrassment of my horrendous non-existent GPS skill in my brain. Truth was, this was my 3198382910381-th time to Chinatown and I still could not navigate around with confidence.

He shook his head.

"Good thing I bump into you!"

I felt the security when I have someone to walk with. We went for the usual grocery shopping and managed to get a few good things before heading back for CKT version 2.0, this time with cockles.

We cooked one portion this time and shared a plate instead. It was better eating less, I suppose.. and there were mussels too.

After the hearty meal, we ended up having afternoon nap on the couches with bloated stomachs... life's good!


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