The 10p story

He grabbed a packet of croissants and headed to the queue. Seeing him with the bags of grocery, I offered to hold them while he make the payment.

"Why not I hold on to the the groceries while you go and pay?"

I shrugged. "Sure, why not?"

He dropped a handful of coins into my palm and I joined the queue. The croissant was £1.25. Looking at the coins, I found myself short of 10p. I dug into my coin pouch and found two 5pence coins.

Smiling to myself, I made the exact payment at the till.

When I found him, I returned the remaining coins.

"Whoa. I didn't know I had exactly £1.25!"

"Nah.. you were short of 10p. But not to worry. I had two 5p's.."

"Wow, I didn't know you're that generous."

I laughed and glared at him. "What? Is this what I am in your mind? A stingy woman?"

"No, I just can't stand it when you are stingy to yourself, alright?"

I guess he was right after all.


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