Lemon tea

Lemon by its own is sour. It may be too acidic. Yes, some believe it helps in weight loss (WHAT??). Lemon on its own isn't that fantastic.

However, lemon in a cup of tea changes the entire picture. Yes, I know tea on its own can be a great drink, but having lemon in it just gives a whole new perspective. Do you drink lemon tea with sugar?

Last night, someone made me a cup of lemon tea. Unsweetened. It was very sour indeed but I think it is sort of an acquired taste. I really liked it after awhile. Maybe all along, I should not have thought of sweetening my lemon teas. I should have just taken it without sugar. Just the tea and lemon. Wouldn't it be perfect?

I made a mistake to always have this mindset that lemon teas should ALWAYS come with the sugar. Sugar can be detrimental. Too much kills. I should have learnt my lesson. Just take the tea and lemon together. Then again, my GP once told me how easily the sweetening effect would just be part of what your taste bud really wants that it is hard to get rid. Once you stop putting in the sugar, you wouldn't have a problem anymore. But problem is, I've started with the sugar in the first place..

I need to start drinking lemon teas WITHOUT sugar.


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