I think I am quite a clumsy person. I have had bruises everywhere because I accidentally hit somewhere or something. In the gym today, I knocked on the rowing machine and a bruise is forming on the tibial surface, lower 2/3 of my left leg.

It is painful, but not as painful as someone who had corneal abrasion because he accidentally jabbed his finger into his eye. I do not want to mention who, but does it not sound like Trish who accidentally poked her own eye with the Strawberry Zip chocolate wafer wrapper almost 2 years ago? Same treatment.. special contact lens, antibiotics...

Painful! With the so many f-word coming out. Next time you say it, I will say "please watch your language...."


jazz said…
Hahaha.. you will hear more if u mix with the angmos.
LX said…
No need to mix with OP also I hear a lot among my friends.. sighh.. like it doesn't carry any meaning anymore..

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