A call to Australia

I rang my good friend who is now in Western Australia all settled and working in a hospital. The best piece of good news she delivered to me is the very fact that she is attached. It is her who is attached, but I can't help but feel so, so happy and excited for her!

She is one girl whom I can see so true, so beautiful in and out and very genuine. She told me.. "it is worth waiting."

"Pray and ask God to prepare you..."

I should be more earnest in my prayer. I must truly believe God has someone in store for me. I should stop getting distracted.

I think it is so amazing. I felt so inspired after talking to her. In a positive way, you know.. I know, things may not turn out the way I wanted.. look at my sis.. she is 25 and a godly woman but she is still floating around..

But heart-warming stories still melt my heart.


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