Ok, so Roger has won

I want to stop talking about Wimbledon because

1. Roger has won.
2. Roddick put up a great fight
3. Roger's winning has nothing to do with me. I won't get a cent even.
4. I keep going to the toilet these days.

Anyway, I have some really random stuffs to note down about myself. Which I think are unique, in certain ways.

1. I do not use the toilet downstairs. Avoid walking in. So everytime I need to use the loo, I have to climb up a 30-step flight of stairs.
2. I like to twist pronounciations. Neologism!
3. I am horrible in spelling.. esp the ones with double letters. Embarassing? Embarrassing? Which one!?
4. I must wash my feet before bed.

That's four for now! I need to crack my head a little more. Ta!


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