I thought it was breaking

I thought I was going to break my legs, but wooohooo! I managed it under 15:00 and it was awesome-licious!

Well, you see, I have been altering my workout routine to ensure that I do not die of boredom or lack the motivation. Recently, I found a very motivating way to ride the magnetic bike. I would supplement some good tunes while I switch on the distance meter. My target is always 5km with a sustained bike tension of 4.0 (though the arrow is pointing to 4.5 actually). I've been able to do it at 17:00 plus minus initially. Yesterday, an accomplishment of 15.34 delighted me. Today, I went a little overboard by going under 15:00. It was 14:58 to be exact. Absolutely cool-ness!

Not only I am sweating profusely now, my legs feel like breaking. I wonder if I've got the energy to do a treadmill routine now.. there is tennis some more later this evening....


Lisa said…
Good job working out!

- Lisa

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