Hardcore boredom

Okays. I think I it wasn't as bad as what the title suggests. I just feel a little bored on the World Wide Web recently. I have been online quite often. It is as if I want to ooze out the most of the internet time I missed out during my 1.5 weeks in KL without connection. Good thing there was occasional KL Wireless or some random access points for me to clear my inbox.

Why then am I bored now?

I guess reality is sinking into me now. I have realised that sometimes I just get carried away too much in my own thoughts, opinions and imaginations. I can really get carried away analysing word by word and start deducing points and convince myself with them.

I do this all the time and the only time I can 'neutralise' those stupid thoughts are to tell them to trusted friends who can then tell me off.

I guess I am just plain bored. And find myself all alone again.


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