A fading trend

During 2005-2006, it was like a hot trend to blog. The blogging scene bloomed and boomed around those few years. Now, it is slowly fading as less and less people get logged on to write blog posts.

Life's like that, right?

When mIRC came into the scene, it was like.. everyday on IRC chatting with nicknames and joining channels such as #ironic and #stco.

Then, ICQ came into the picture. We started the "uh oh" messaging trend.

Suddenly, everyone started switching to MSN.

After that, blogging came into the scene. Every Tom, Dick or Harry seems to have an account with Blogger.com with a handful exception of cases of Xanga or Wordpress favourites. Everyone was reporting from their desktop (or laptop) what was happening in their lives.

Soon, the blogging trend starts to fade.

Everyone seems to be so into Facebook.

Oh, and now.. Twitter?


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