The distinction

I've been thinking a lot about the distinction between being honest and irritating people.

Wait, let me rephrase it. I can't seem to get my ideas across very well recently.

ldfjoijfofadidjifogbo casdnc xiugdnadkjxnjbf ---> I can't process my thoughts!

I think there is a fine line between behaving your best in front of someone and being yourself earnerstly. I often condemn couples who are "fake it". Well, not exactly faking it, but one of them would be acting all cool, dolly and what-not in front of their partner/spouse. There is no room for themselves to be show their true colours. That is why people say "love is blind" and that marriage opens up your eyes. It is only after a couple get married that they realise, "Oh he's like that.." or "Hey, what's wrong with her!??!" sort of things.

Didn't they figure it out during their courtship?

Then again, I was going through the mind of a girl who really treasures a particular someone. From there, I get to understand why she wants to be at her best because, say, she doesn't want to lose him. Fair enough. But it isn't fair for him to not know her true self. Then again, she might not know his true self either.

Aiyaks. I need to 'potong stim' now because my thoughts are very cluttered and I do not know what I really want to bring across today.

Talk another day. Time to reply a precious mail.


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