About MJ

Everyone has been posting and expressing their thoughts about Michael Jackson's death. I was not having my usual internet connection so naturally, I didn't mention anything on the blog or the facebook. No expression of shock, disbelief, remorse, regret or whatever..

So neutral. Just look. And see.

Anyway, today I caught a bit of the memorial on CNN. I was curious to see how Paris look like. I always remember her birthday.. which is 4 April because it is 4-4.. ahhaha. She even gave a short speech sorta thing. Interesting.

You see, my sister has a point. She was questioning why make it so huge when the man is gone already? If you want to appreciate someone, it should be done during his lifetime. Well, I would think that is logical as well. We tend to miss or start to appreciate something when we lose it.

Life's always like that, isn't it?


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