If money is not an issue

What a question to ask. Look at my title!

But really, my question here today is, "If money is not an issue, what furniture would you want to get for your home?"

Seems like a very interesting topic to dwell on, no? Especially for a home decor and interior design enthusiast like me, certainly.

I have to admit that nowadays, financial constraints have always been a limited factor for me. But if the money issue dissolves, I would really want to venture into various styles and themes. Rustic furniture seems to be a great choice these days. They gives you a natural feel which is always refreshing and doesn't really get out of the trend.

Look at this bunk bed. It looks absolutely cool for kids who want to have a wild bedroom theme. It is almost like living out a Flinestone's adventure altogether.

If you prefer to be of the more mature side, you may love cedar flavoured bedroom sets.

So if you are sick of the fast-going trend in home furniture, you should really look into a wide selection of quality rustic furniture which is not only long lasting, but timeless as well.


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