Update your status

Twitter has really taken the world wide web by storm. Gone are the days when people are fearful of potential stalkers. Nowadays, it seems like a very trendy thing to let people know what is going on in one's life. Wether it is a shopping trip down to your favourite mall or going to the beach to job, Twitter sounds like a great way to allow people to track and follow your latest outing.

With the internet going even more mobile than we could ever imagined, people are all over the place to update their Twitter status. Other than Twitter status, Facebook statuses are becoming a huge hit as well. Every now and then, I get amused at random status updates on Facebook.

However, after some time, it becomes quite tiresome to get the internet connection to simply get my status updated. This amazing Twitter status updater ease my status updating. Users in the UK can just send a text message and get their Twitter and Facebook status updated once and for all. How brilliant!


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