Just a couple of days ago, I suddenly felt this sense of liberation. On issues regarding crushes, love, likes and relationships. I used to have my heart hooked to some random guys in the most unorthodox ways. I secretly admire from afar. Sometimes, I even made it known. But none resulted in nothing but disappointment.

It is definitely liberating to find myself in a place where I feel at absolute comfort for not having feelings for any guys at the moment. There is totally no sense of desperation. Instead, I am so grateful I do not have feelings for anyone right now. I feel really thankful and glad. It is liberating, like I mentioned.

I don't know how I reached this stage of feeling liberation. Was it ugly real-life dramas? Or reaching the maturity in terms of age? I really do not know. But I am happy in a way that I do not have to get hooked to any emotional turmoil. Emotional turmoils are simply horribly head-aching. I feel very tired of having feelings towards anyone.

Today, the me feels sincerely liberated. I do not wish to fall for anyone anytime soon. It is really torturing and emotionally wrecking. The 23-year-old me today realises that there is absolutely no point in having feelings for someone, reading to sacrifice for him when he doesn't even like you a teeny weeny bit.

Well, I guess I am in a very comfortable situation now. I realise that there is no need to have crushes on someone just to end up being crushed deep within you. Mutuality simply does not exist in my vocabulary. At least not at the moment.


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