Get fashionable during the flu season

It is never fun or easy to cope with the current pandemic of swine flu sweeping across over 20 countries. With travel becoming more advanced and frequent, the viral infection cannot ultimately be confined in just one area. That is why WHO recommends various precautionary measures to combat this H1N1 virus.

Besides washing your hands, it would be best for you to get a protective mask, since the influenza virus can easily be transmitted via the upper respiratory tract. However, do not restrict yourself so much in tight times like this. Life must still go on, right?

That is why comes up with a very fashionable way to go along with the pandemic. Get yourself some fashionable masks which are both functional and fashionable.

Do not just get any kind of mask. You need to get a mask which meets the requirements to filter the viral particles off. Get the NIOSH Surgical N95 Particulate Respirators (Masks) which uphold a filtration level and fluid resistance universally recognized in the prevention of the inhalation of airborne microorganisms.

FLU Fashion Respirators come in a set of 3 with an assortment of bright patterns and solid colors. Click here to view mask designs.


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