Hi everyone!

After quite some time of absence here, I am back once more. I was actually away for a national camp. It is a course which lasted five days with grueling talks, sessions and physical activities.

It is really good to be home, alas!

Well, today I just want to introduce to you The Baptist Muse. It is an online fellowship website for Christians. With such unpredictable online contents, some time it is hard for Christians to find a reliable and trustworthy platform for online fellowship and sharing. This Baptist Muse web would be able to create a healthy environment where believers can share their testimonies, find out more about Christ and even discuss various issues. Non-believers, on the other hand, get to learn more about Christ and Christian living. I think having this online fellowship website is a really good idea. After all, with technology being at its best, I believe the world wide web has an array of options as communication tools that allow Christians to make use of them for the purpose of spreading God's love. Everyone from any part of the world gets to read a testimony. Christians get to meet other believers whom they can share their thoughts and views.



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