ASCIIBin for a variety of uses

As an avid blogger, I sometimes find it troublesome to get a place where I can copy and paste certain contents which are relevant for my research, work or post. It is everyone's desire to get a simple yet handy portal to copy and paste between computers and devices such as Netbooks, Phones, PDAs and iPhones.

ASCIIBin is a portal worth looking into. You can find various features such as Code Debugging by ASCIIBin. ASCIIBin is just like Pastebin. In fact, I would say it is like Pastebin but with an extra boost of features you cannot fine on Pastebin.

Some of the features you can expect to get -

* Copy/Paste between computers and devices
* Creating TinyURL links (select "Is Link" in the advanced options)
* Micro blogging (like Twitter)
* Sharing code and documents for collaboration with friends/family/colleagues
* Sharing password protected information with friends/family/colleagues
* Creating email reminders

You get to paste codeswith syntax highlighting in over 100 different languages/formats. Text formatting is made easy with BBCode. You get to password protect your text. You also get to use individual RSS Feeds. Email reminders are there to help you too. You even get to shorten your URL by creating TinyURL links which makes the entire process simpler, especially for simple-minded brains like mine.

If you need to get more audio and visual on this, I recommend you to watch this video.


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