Stocks, anyone?

I was just catching up with my good buddy when he told me he was leaving for the bank. So, I asked what was he up to? He mentioned something like playing the stock market and playing shares. I was like.. "What??! Are you kidding?"

Face the reality - my friend is a fresh grad who is doing his pre-registeration as a legitimate healthcare professional. While he has already started earning his money, I do not know if it is really a good idea to start investing and playing the share market so soon. Moreover, the economy is so not stable at the moment. However, if one never try, one would never know how it feels like. There must be a starting point somewhere, somehow.

So, I suggested small investments first. I advised my friend not to take too much risk. It is just lately that I found out that there is such as a stock market game. Umoo is a virtual trading stock exchange game which can allow you into a peak what the real world of trading stocks is all about. UMOO may be financial entertainment, but I would say it really gives you some accurate insights on the real thing because UMOO uses real time index, relfecting what the reality is really about.

Online investment minus the risk? I think it would be a great start for anyone. Whether it is for starters or purely for personal satisfaction, this is the thing for you.


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