Occupational hazards

For the last three weeks of my time in the first phase of my medical university, we spent some time studying health issues. The module is pretty interesting because we covered many areas, including alternative medicine, complementary medicine, occupational health and medical ethics.

Occupational health was definitely one of my favourites. Maybe it has something to do with my dad being in the health and safety department of his company. I was just struck by how much importance health and hazards come into picture in one's vocation. My very learned lecturer is an occupational health specialist who gave us very real life lessons.

Our emphasized was mostly on the musculoskeletal system as it is the most vulnerable and common system to be affected. Back injuries, for example, is one of the most common occurence in one's vocation. Every single detail of a workplace plays a role in contributing to one's back injury. Back pain is definitely a very frequent complaint. For an occupational health doctor, it is always hard to determine the cause of one's back pain.

Besides aspects of one's health in his or her job, accidents also are prone to happen in workplace, especially those with hazards. Accidents such as falls due to slippery floor can cause a lot of devastation to both the employer and employee. While the employer loses man power, the employee suffers pain and discomfort. At the end of the day, both employer and employee have nothing to gain but all to lose.

While occupational health can be controlled and prevented, accidents may not be that easy. It is always wise for employers to take this area seriously. Look into UK Accident Claim for some ideas of what it costs like. You may want to plan for this the next time you revise your occupational and health and safety policy.


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