Alternative destinations

I am very excited that I am going to be a Londoner soon! Being in such a hectic environment, I would expect to find my way out to breath some fresh air every break I get. Of course, not to mention that while I am there, I would definitely want to take the golden and rare to come by opportunities to visit the so many amazing places in the UK itself. There are so many historical places, famous landmarks and beautiful scenes which I do not want to miss. The typical must-visit destinations definitely go into my wish list of places to visit but how about the other hidden gems of the British soil which most people tend to miss out?

I believe that the UK has more than just those featured on the glossy travel magazines or those fancy television travel shows. I would want to get that entire British experience. Therefore, I must widen my horizons and look into other alternative tourist destinations rather than the usual ones people would aim for.

Take an example - instead of the usual tourist destinations, I may want to consider somewhere else. Perhaps, a place which is quieter. Spending some time with my loved ones at the beautiful old Northumbria Cottages seems like a great idea to just enjoy and experience that whole British experience. Cottages give you that amazing 'feel' which cannot just be described in words.

For a moment, you may want to be more creative in planning your travel and destinations. Say, you have been to most of those famous landmarks. This time around, you may choose somewhere different. Go for the alternative destinations. Alternative plans. Be different and feel the difference altogether. You may find a worthwhile value of the travel.

At the end of the day, you get the best of both worlds. You would definitely get a new experience, learning about new places and at the same time, you get to relax and chill with your loved ones.


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