When you smell good

Have you got a favourite Scent?

I have a humble collection of fragrances but my favourite now is the Lancome Miracle. The original one. Not those new versions. I like it 'light' and 'easy'. Never a hardcore fan of too exotic or 'heavy' kind of scent. Flower-based scents seem to be my favourite these days. It is actually hard to describe in words the type of scent I prefer because this is such a subjective thing.

Jasmine flower scent is quite nice too. My mum especially loves it. But because she has been putting jasmine flowers in the bathroom, everytime I smell that particular scent, it reminds me of the bathroom. This is how powerful our olfactory system is. It has to do with something in the amydaloid body or something in the brain, I last learnt in the Central Nervous System.

Oh, musky isn't exactly my cup of tea either. I prefer coffee. Hahhaha, caught ya!


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