What is the fuss?

So, people are having illegal demostrations against the policy of teaching math and science in English. For goodness' sake, the first batch introduced under this policy when they were in first form has completed their secondary school years, so what is the fuss?

What is wrong with people?

I grew up studying math and science in malay language. I suffered when I was in college when I had to transit to english being used to teach math and sciences subjects. But I survived. During my earliest days, I remember having to gather my thoughts and arranging sentences in BM before translating them in my head and finally writing them down on the paper.

It wasn't easy, but I have lived through the days.

The me today vaguely remembers the BM terms. Lymph was limfa. Or was it limpa? Intestines are called usus. Hati is not the heart, it is actually liver. Some words are easier. The malay term for artery is simply 'arteri' and vein is.. gosh, I cannot remember. As for math, I never knew isosceles triangle was 'segi tiga sama kaki'. We had Faktor Sepunya Terbesar instead of HCF. I was told that HCF is highest common factor.

It is actually interesting to be in the generation that learnt math and science in Bahasa Melayu. Do I wish they were taught in English instead? I definitely wanted to have learnt them in English. It would have made life way easier when I entered college. Moreover, there is this air of classiness that follows.

Oh well. So am I for or against this policy?

I think if you want to be competitive and forward thinking, this policy to teach math and science in English should stay. Since it has been implemented, why bother changing it.

Meanwhile, the generation who had to learnt them in BM would simply smile reminiscing those days where we had all sort of funny BM terms.


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