Amway.. aspiring

Today I had a session with Ching H doing makeup and facial care. I kinda enjoy because a girl gotta be vain once in a while, right? My resolution has been to use some cosmetics when I go out this year. However, stuck in a small town home, I haven't done much on the resolution.

I am quite into the marketing and networking but Daddy isn't convinced at all. He says our family earns money the hard way.. we have no 'luck' in all these business-related matters. I even thought I could try sell some Amway products while I am at home to earn some $$. However, it seems quite hard. All my friends would be avoiding me if I start trying to sell stuffs. LOL!


jazz said…
I guess you can give it a try. Don't sell too much in case you cannot achieve the target. It won't hurt to try anyway.

I think I would like to try business related too. But don't have the capital.
lynnx01 said…
Amway doesn't need capital. Just need ultra rich friends to buy from you. Hahahhaa!
Boon Siew said…
hi there, if you have time, do some research on Amway, it is a beautiful business to start with no risk and low capital. give it a good try and never quit. As long as you have a good system to work out this business, then it is just a matter of time for you to gain belief in this business..

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