The weirdiest dream ever

It was my weirdiest dream ever.

I sit at the last row in the lecture hall whose ambience is just so theater-like. Plush red seats with multi-storey layers. I always sit beside him. Weird. So during that particular session, I was early for lecture, so I dumped my bag on the second seat from the aisle and went to the washroom. In reality, my bladder was distended; maybe that was why I went to the bathroom in my dream. Weird.

Apparently, the washroom queue was long. It is a typical scene in my university in real life, especially before and in between lectures. However, the queue moves pretty fast. So, I decided to wait. But when it was finally my turn, none of the toilets could be used. Some were just so weirdly built - I cannot even describe it in words. But maybe it is a good thing that I couldn't use the toilets - if not, I may end up pee-ing in bed.

Realising that my lecture has probably started, I gave up and went back to the lecture hall. I decided to use the back exit - again, this is weird. In real life, I sit in the front row, you see - I entered the wrong storey (told ya' it's multi-storey.. kinda hard to explain). Lecturers like FIA and the rest were seated there watching a Literature selective from M107 batch performing some songs.. SELECTIVE? M107? Again, this spells w-e-i-r-d.

I slided down (see? WEIRD!) to my seat and found that my bag was there. His seat was taken up by this real quiet batchmate of mine in real life (I never even talked to him before ever.. why does he even appear in my dreams??) while the him was oddly seated on added on chair on the aisle beside this 'real quiet batchmate'.

I took my seat and suddenly he asked me why do I always want to sit with him. What kind of question is that?? I just brushed off by asking something else. Oddly enough, our conversation took place with one even odder character ('quiet batchmate') in between us.

He said he needed to talk to me after this. He thinks I like him. What the?!?? He asked me if it's because a guy who plays the guitar is considered fundamental. FUNDAMENTAL?? What vocab is that. I blame my own brain who creates those dreams. I honestly think it should be the word 'sentimental' instead.

Then I woke up. Wanting to pee. (Remember I wanted to pee in my dream as well?)

I dissected my dream. How come he knew me? Why were we studying together? Why was I always sitting with him??

I tell you - this is probably what happens when you sleep too much.


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