My 27-year-old cousin

It is very frightening at the thought that the eldest cousin in the family is actually turning 27 this year. It used to be 18,19 during our childhood..maybe only 21, 22, 23 previously. Time really flies, doesn't it?

This cousin of mine has started to call me 'teacher'. He is a smart boy in school, but somehow he never really put his brain into studies and thus, his math was severely compromised. It does not help when his aunt (my mum) is a math teacher!

Anyway, this cousin of mine, though holding very different values, is still the sort of captain planet among us cousins. When I say different value, I may been really different values. He may be into, say, casinos.

Which reminds me about Betsson Casino. This casino has the Arabian Nights video slot jackpot which just passed 1 000 000€ and may fall out at any time. Believe it or not!


jazz said…
yealo.. and koko is still single.

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