A library of extensions

Have you wondered what the suffix behind your file names actually mean? It is actually a language which kind of decode the type of file it is. It is interesting how the computer decodes this. File extensions actually help make life easier because it recognises the specific type of file and thus, you can get suitable programs to play or show the file.

Just imagine a world without extensions. Files would be confused themselves, what more to say users like us who are confused as well. Thanks to File Extension Library which is able to sort of your problem. It is the solution to all file extensions. Its mission is to ensure that people are kept abreast to the latest information technology.

Their goal?

Simple. It is to help computer-naïve and advanced users alike survive in this new digital era.

Their vision? Oh, I love this - 'Simplicity is Harmony'. Lovely.

Find out more - file extension dll.


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