25 random stuffs about me

It has been on going on Facebook. Let me try again here.

1. I speak mandarin at home.
2. I am alektorophobic.
3. I love black coffee.
4. I cannot cook and don't like to cook.
5. I don't like being a stereotype but I often end up as one.
6. I wear a ring on my middle finger.
7. I am lazy.. very, very lazy at the moment.
8. I tend to talk rubbish and gibberish over MSN. Sorry.
9. I have never been in any relationship before. So innocent.
10. I wanted to get married by 24 but I am turning 23 this year. Without a bf. This is so funny.
11. I can float but I cannot swim.
12. I love tennis but I cannot hit a proper stroke. Sad!
13. I cannot comprehend complicated sci-fi movies.
14. I wish I am better in music. Really.
15. I have visited China but not Great Wall of China. Weird.
16. I miss my Mama. She's my grandmother whom many mistaken as my mom.
17. I am uneasy learning about secrets.
18. I am curious. Always too curious.
19. I am out of idea what to write. Wait.
20. I am always hangat-hangat tahi ayam.
21. Oh, I love Sarawak Laksa and tomyam. YUMS!
22. I hope to build a tennis court next time.
23. If I had kids, they will all be sent to learn tennis.
24. I hope to polish my language skills.
25. I tiptoe when I feel the floor is dirty. I do that most of the time.


jazz said…
hahaha.. decide to put it here also hoh..

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