What's for V Day?

Valentine's Day is just a month short away. While guys are starting to plan, plan and plan, I believe in this modern era, girls are not shy of planning for their men as well. Indeed, we live in a world where women become so independent that some of them can even survive without having to live without men.

Anyway, did I digress?

Oh, V Day I am focusing on.

I believe that Valentine's Day has been much commercialised these days. Shopping malls are all dolled up in red, pink and what-not for the romance mood in the air. Restaurants and eateries dim their light to create the scenic ambience.

I say - get away from all these!

Bring yourself and your partner to somewhere else. Embark on a trip to the Isle of Wight for a Valentine's Day treat. Do it a little differently this year, but with much love still. Show appreciation for your partner or spouse by bringing him or her to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Find out more - Shanklin Accommodation Isle of Wight.

Indulge yourselves in the scenic place. Get a 'break', for once. Just spend quiet moments holding his or her hand and walk down the coastline. Swim in the sea, eat some good and delicious seafood. Just spend more time with each other in a different environment. Out from those stressful settings you guys are in. And of course, Happy Valentine's Day!


jazz said…
I so agree with it. Can go somewhere and enjoy the place hoh..

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