Buy and sell

Just now in the car back home after shopping for some lunch meals, Dory fish and a Nokia mobile phone, I was just chit chatting with my dad. We were talking about the automobile industry which faces a slump after the instability in petrol price.

There are huge companies suffering losses. Mega companies are cutting down productions and all sorts of measures are taken to prevent further losses. Sometimes, I wonder - what is the culprit behind this economy? It is a very human-made thing. I often wonder what is truly behind all these.

Anyway, as for cars, I believe that there is always a need for a concept such as " buy car sell cars" in the automobile industry. Car values depreciate quite fast, so a smart consumer should look into selling it off and buying a new car. But then again, if you are also a smart consumer, you should look into buying second hand cars which are still new but with their values depreciated. Then, the car you own would somehow be more of value worth.

This entire thing is interesting, as I can note of. Maybe you may want to check them out. Buy car, sell car.. make money!


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