Happy holidays!

Well, since the holidays are here already and I have been talking about failing, passing and what not, how about some fun casino time? Well, I wouldn't personally say that I am a frequent casino visitor but hey, nowadays we are always talking about everything virtual. Yes, you can even go online to play some cards, be poked (well, I am actually talking about poker) or play a round of roullete? Find more casino bonus here.

Wonders of the internet, I suppose? Casinos are no longer just those colourful lights we imagine exist in Las Vegas or Macao.. they actually come alive on the world wide web and they give us amazing actualisations.. things gamblers actually cannot imagine about, say, 20 years back.

And yes, yes yes!!

Finally, my exams are over. Results are not out yet, but I shall remember what Jason said during the night when he came over with longan drink and barbequed stingray. He said to us, "Failing isn't an option." It really motivated me. I was convinced to bring along that tag line with me wherever I go. Until then, I feel all hanging there waiting for my results to give me the green traffic light to actually start planning my year.


jazz said…
yea, i shall remember that line as well, will keep me going as well. =)

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