Days in Cornwall

Hey people it's me again!

My results would be out tomorrow. *Shudders* If I do well, I believe I should treat myself to a trip somewhere. I have got the entire globe under my feet. Where should I go?

I random option brings me to Cornwall, a county at the tip of the south-western peninsula. Rich in history, culture and heritage, this place is one which has fishing and mining industries. But of late, tourism has become a huge boom there.

There must be so much to learn about if I were to emabark a trip to this land. I love history, so there is definitely a lot to learn about this place. An extra bonus must be the very fact that this place has a very nice and temperate weather. Away from the rainy and gloomy London, for once, I believe.

And yes, they have Cornish language. I think it is fun to really indulge in the arts and culture of a place. Cannot wait to find out more about the folk music in Cornwall, the local literature and such. I believe this is a chance to widen my knowledge of the English place. It is definitely satisty my personal thirst for knowledge. Lovely!

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jazz said…
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