Anime and manga

It came by a surprise that a friend of mine is actually a huge anime fan. The interesting thing about being an anime or manga fan is that one does not even look like a Japanese manga freak to have to be one. You would actually be surprised at the amount of acceptance among Japanese and non-Japanese fans alike. In fact, my roommate in college once tried to convert me into an anime fan. With no avail, of course.

I just like the psyche about this manga and anime series. I like to interview my friends about what they see in these series. After all, pictures cannot exactly come alive. Some would give credit to the story line, some enjoy the moral behind various stories and some even can fall for anime characters. I am quite surprised!

Indeed, a huge wave of manga and anime craze has swept through the globe. You have to get a taste for yourself before saying anything. Might just change your perspective, ya' know.

If you want to try your hands on this Japanese comic, try this - Bleach Manga.


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